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Incubated at Whatever It Takes Austin, TeenLink is a company that connects teens and companies in order to provide creative job opportunities for teens. The founders of TeenLink, Skylar Intag and Melissa Khasbagan, struggled to find jobs that interested them as teenagers. So, they founded TeenLink. TeenLink strives to give teenagers jobs that they are interested in having as a future career and that are flexible for their busy schedule. TeenLink provides the best, motivated and hardworking teens for the job. The teens and companies are we connect are well trusted and reliable. Currently we provide three different types of jobs: social media, photography/videography, and teen focus groups/surveys. If you are a company or teen interested in using TeenLink, go to the apply page and fill out the application, or contact us through our social media/email.


Skylar Intag, CEO


Melissa Khasbagan, CVO


 Skylar Intag is a teen entrepreneur in Austin, Texas. She showed a passion for entrepreneurship from a young age. As a young girl she created multiple businesses, like selling jewelry and a party planning committee. Skylar was frustrated that she could not find a part-time job that she was interested in and that she wanted as a future career. Because of this struggle she co-founded TeenLink, which gives teens creative job opportunities. Skylar believes that teens have an interesting perspective that could help companies in many ways. She also believes that with TeenLink, teens can find what they are passionate about and their future job.

Melissa Khasbagan is a teen entrepreneur based in Austin, Texas. Her love of entrepreneurship started in high school when she first founded #1000BooksForMongolia, a global initiative dedicated to empowering teens through the power of education.

Struggling with finding a job as a freelance photographer, Melissa co-founded TeenLink, which gives other teens creative job opportunities in an area that they are passionate about. Melissa believes that every teen has the power to create something unimaginably powerful and TeenLink provides them the opportunity to do so. 

Whitney Stafford, Mentor

whitney@doingwit.org ​

While in college Whitney started 2 businesses: reForm Pilates and Punch::List. Post college she received a crash-course in doing whatever it takes, when she worked side by side with the founder of YETI. Helping our next generation of entrepreneurs learn how to do WIT is something Whitney finds incredibly rewarding -- she enjoys seeing growth in their confidence, and an understanding of what they need to do to be successful in their future.



We are here to help you get the qualified teens that you are looking for. Contact us by phone, email info@teenlinkinc.com or via our social media channels.